Solar street lights are the solution in Africa for fast and economic illumination of roads, small streets, parks, playgrounds, car parks, sport facilities and other public areas.
No need for excavation work, cable laying and connection to an electricity grid will result in a much lower cost of ownership.
Solar street lights provide safety, comfort, more social interaction and increase economic activities

Texel4Solar can offer you various types and sizes, depending on your requirement:

A typical system consists of:
  • LED unit, available from 15 – 60 Watt, depending on the amount of Lumen required.
  • PhotoVoltaic panel (solar panel), long life, various sizes.
  • Galvanised pole, in lengths from 4 – 10 meter
  • High performance battery designed for long service life under extreme circumstances.
  • Solar Charge Regulator for optimum battery performance.
  • Photo Relay, PIR sensor for motion detection or timer to switch the LED unit off or on.

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