We deliver total solutions for households and small offices by using a flexible modular system.
The number of PV panels and the related components are sized to the requirements of your home or office.

A complete system consists of:
  • PV panels (solar panels) with a sturdy mounting system.
  • Solar charge regulator, to optimise the service life of the battery system.
  • Batteries are one of the most critical items in the chain of products used in a solar energy system. Only the best batteries with a proven long performance life should be selected.
  • Cables for solar systems (6 mm2)
  • Inverter, converting the Direct Current (DC) from the PV panels and battery to 220V Alternating Current (AC) for use with your standard equipment.

Standard systems of 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 2500W are off-the shelve available

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